Custom Sticks

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Order your SniperX Pro custom stick to your specifications and add your name and number.  The next order will be placed on May 1st, 2023. If you have any questions please contact us at +1 701-478-5910 or email

Custom Stick

  • This is the name and number displayed on your stick Example - Schneider #25
    What hand do you put lower on the stick?
    Epic 2023's Lightest Stick in a Red Metalic Finish SniperX Pro 2021's Lightest Stick in a Blue Marble pattern
  • Please enter a number from 17.5 to 110.
    17.5 - 110 Flex Estimated Cost 17.5 Flex - $89.95, 30 Flex - $99.95, 40 Flex -$109.95, 50 Flex - $119.95, 55 Flex - $139.95, 65 Flex $149.95, 70-102 Flex $229.95
    What size shaft do you want?
    Where do you want the stick to flex?
    For descriptions please contact us at
    Do you want a tack to your stick?
    The angle at which the blade comes off the shaft 6 is standard for all curves except the p28 is 5.5.
    What length do you want your stick

Stick Options:

  • Stick Size (Youth, Junior, Intermediate, Adult)
  • Shaft shape (Square or Round)
  • Flex (20-110)
  • Kick Point (Low, Mid or High)
  • Curve (p88, p28, p92, p91A, PM9 and p02)
  • Hand (Right Hand and Left Hand)
  • Weight (dependent on amount of Carbon Fiber)
  • Pattern (8k, 12k or 18k Carbon Fiber)
  • Blade (Textured and Untextured)
  • Grip or No Grip
  • Lie(4,5,5.5,6 or 7)
  • Length (std or +/- up to 4”)

Let our design experts design up a stick using your logo and team colors!

Call our Sales Team at +1 701-478-5910 or email to discuss your project.