Pro Intermediate

We are excited to launch our brand new series of sticks, the USA 100 and USA Pro.  We have dedicated the USA series to where hockey sticks began and that was with wood sticks. This model may look like its made of wood but don’t let that fool you! It is made from 18k Carbon fiber in a single molding process. USA Pro Adult sticks weigh in at just 410g. Designed with a mid kick point for the all-around player looking for a stick that is great for quick wrist shots and explosive slap shots. With this stick you can do it all and look old school!  We offer p88, p92 and p28 curves stocked standard on our Junior – Adult sticks.

USA Pro Intermediate sticks come in 55″ long and in 60 and 67 flex.  All our sticks are a “True One-Piece” Torey T700 carbon fiber hockey sticks.  This isn’t the easy way to make a hockey stick, it’s the right way! The attention to detail in these sticks requires a new mold for every single curve pattern for both left and right-handed players. The entire stick is created at the same time allowing for better energy transfer to both the player and the puck, creating a better feeling, more powerful and accurate stick. Very few and only the best sticks are made this way!

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