Team Tour and Stick Fittings

Woodbury Squirt Team during the Squirt International Hockey Tournament.

In Fargo for one of our many Hockey Tournaments or just want to see and learn more about Haggard Hockey Sticks, schedule your tour and stick fittings at our warehouse at 1102 Page Dr. South in Fargo.

The Team Tour takes about 45 minutes and will discuss the history and how our sticks are designed and manufactured. Each tour includes stick fittings for everyone on your team. Feel free to bring your current stick to compare with the lightest stick made in the Haggard Epic.

Click here to schedule your tour now!

One thought on “Team Tour and Stick Fittings

  1. Hi there,

    We are a team 10UAA from Colorado and would love to have a team stick fitting during the weekend that we are there February 23-26th. It doesn’t show availability on your calendar, but let me know if there is an option that comes up. We won’t have our game schedule until a couple weeks before the tournament and we will have to work the tour in around that of possible. Otherwise maybe we can all just swing by your booth.

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