Haggard Hockey has a 30-day limited warranty on all of its sticks. We also provide an extra 15-day warranty on all Epic sticks produced in the current season. Claims must be submitted within 30 days (or 45 days if an Epic Model) of purchase and you must provide valid proof of purchase (Original receipt, bank statements will not be accepted).  Haggard Hockey provides a one-time replacement on our sticks if breakage has been deemed a manufacturer’s defect.  The warranty excludes breakage due to abuse (flexing the stick), negligence, or any unusual use.  Haggard Sticks are designed for use on the ice and to be used by a player in a certain weight and height range. This warranty may only be applied one time per stick.  Our warranty doesn’t include Professional, College, NHL, USHL, NAHL, custom, or team sales. Warranty claims without the required documentation will not be approved.  If the stick is no longer in stock we will provide a coupon of equal value for you to purchase another stick on haggardhockey.com.

If your stick breaks within 30 days after your warranty Haggard will issue a 20% discount coupon code on your next Haggard stick purchase. You will need to meet the same requirements as the Limited-Time Warranty.

Starting a warranty process is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. If you believe your stick is covered by Haggard’s Limited warranty please fill out the form below to start the warranty process. 

2. You will need to either send the full stick within 15 days of the claim being created back to Haggard Hockey or you will provide pictures of the break. The 3 pictures must include the full stick, the SKU on the back of the stick, and the part that is broken. Once we are in possession of the images or the stick we will decide within 3 business days if it is warranted or not.

3. Last Step, if the stick is warranted then you will need to go to the Warranty Processing Fee and make payment and include shipping if necessary. If you are able to pick up the stick at 1102 Page Dr S in Fargo, ND there is no need to pay the shipping costs.