Sniper Pro Series


The Sniper series is made of 18k Carbon fiber and is the lightest, most common style of stick used among the best players in the world.  The Sniper Pro stick has been completely redesigned for 2020 and is 10g lighter than last year and weighs in at just 400g.  The shaft comes rounded compared to the Sniper Air which had a square shaft.  The rounded shaft allows for a better feel and ultimate control while stick handling.  Staying with the shaft we have added ribbing on the bottom side to give you remarkable grip.  The low kick point and Rapid Release Taper has been redesigned to give you an even faster release along with a better power transfer.  You will see a new texture design, as well as a stiffer blade for an even better feel and control of the puck while stick handling and shooting.  Along with the p88 and p92 curves we will now stock the p28 curve on our Junior – Adult sticks standard.
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